Many people have asked about obtaining e-book versions of the In Their Words series, and we want to accommodate them. This option is especially attractive for people living outside the United States, because shipping printed copies to them is so expensive the shipping fees can exceed the cost of the books themselves!


So far, we have only developed a digital version of the German and Latin volumes, and only in PDF format. Eventually, we intend to offer the other two volumes as well. At some point, we may offer them in formats suitable for e-readers and tablets, too. But that may take longer, because creating epub files for books like ours presents serious formatting challenges. Our format relies heavily on the original pagination, designed to make it easy for you to compare the original document with our analysis and translation. A PDF does this beautifully; its much harder to accomplish with existing epub software. Besides, its difficult to imagine using these books easily on smart phones or small e-readers; you almost have to view them on larger screens.


For the foreseeable future, therefore, we will concentrate on providing PDF versions but we will keep our eyes on developing versions adapted for Kindle and other e-readers. (Larger tablets and e-readers can, as a rule, display PDF files; but the fixed size of that format may present problems.)


If you would like to purchase a PDF version of In Their Words, Volume III: Latin or In Their Words, Volume IV: German, please send a check for $25.00 for each PDF (or $50.00 for both), in US dollars and drawn on a US bank, to this address:


William F. Hoffman

5222 Rothchilde Ct

Houston TX 77069-1545



We will send you a link to download the file(s) directly from our website, which is usually very quick and reliable. If you have an email address, please include it so we can send you the link that way.


If you have a PayPal account, you can get access much faster by sending US$25.00 to the PayPal account Please specify which volume you want, Latin or German, and give an email address where we can contact you.


Thanks and if you purchase either book, we hope it proves very useful. If you have any problems, please write to and Ill do my best to help. William F. Hoffman


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